The REVA Hospitality platform has been designed to deliver a commercial outcome for our customers. We don't aim to simply drive revenue, but also to reduce costs too.

Ultimately, our goal is to make our products so good, that they pay for themselves!

How specifically does the REVA Hospitality platform drive revenue across your F&B, Activities and Services?

  • Improved average order value and conversion via the platforms convenience and accessibility.

  • The wide array of payment methods and languages available, enable guest to interact, order and pay their own way.

  • Reduce leakage against external meal service providers by providing a similarly convenient path to purchase and delivery.

  • Enable guests to make online reservations 24/7, 365 days per year. Create an ongoing relationship with guests pre-arrival to increase drop off rates.

  • Social media channel integration allows for an easy login process and high associate / friend network exposure.

  • The platforms ability to market to and engage users will drive ancillary spend and increase conversion.

  • Recognise and reward loyal guests.

What sales increase could your business be capable of if you had the REVA Hospitality platform advantage?*

Use the calculator to find out!

The efficiencies and cost savings a digital guest engagement platform can provide are second to none. How do we achieve them?

  • F&B, Activity and Service venue labour expenses can be better managed with an improved overview of upcoming demand. Less waitstaff required at venues offering REVA Hospitality online ordering capability.

  • Eliminate the need to print menus in room or in venue as it can now be made available online. Menu item additions and withdrawals are made in easily in the interface or directly from POS.

  • In room compendiums no longer require printing with the ability to include them within the platform.

  • Order taking supplies are no longer required with digital online ordering.

  • Translation services used for menus and other collateral are no longer required, now processed via the platform translation engine.

Consider the benefit to your business of reducing costs, while improving guest engagement and revenue.

We see this as transformational, us the calculator to find out the quantum your business could realise.*


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